Plastic Mermaids

Please everybody welcome Plastic Mermaids to Cross Keys Records. Hailing from a little island just off the coast of England they make sweeping, cinematic soundscapes full of raw emotion. Check out the debut single Polaroids below.

Here is what people have been saying about them already:

“Plastic Mermaids win us over from the start. The tones are just all right” The Fader Read

“Gorgeously textural, Polaroids sounds like Mercury Rev going on a road trip with The Flaming Lips” Q Magazine Read

“A chiming, atmospheric beast. It’s very exciting to hear a group pushing such simple ideas so effectively” DIY magazine Read

“A debut single that shows promise, adventure and more than enough intrigue to mark them down as a name to keep an eye on” Gold Flake Paint Read

Lover Lover debut album. Exclusive first listen…





There Is A Place

Debut album from Lover Lover out 18 November on Cross Keys Records. Listen to Young Free below

There was this one time…

… on Bandcamp.

Sorry, crap gag. But we are huge fans of the alternative digital music store Bandcamp. We’ve been meaning to post some of our favourite discoveries here for a while, but y’know we’ve been busy, man. Anyway, we finally got round to it, so here are three new bands whose music is available on Bandcamp. For those of you who don’t know, the value of buying music in this way is that the artists see a good chunk more of the cash than if you pick it up on iTunes. Or listen to it on Spotify. Or nick it from a torrent. And that’s a good thing.

In fact, these three bands are so bleeding-edge that I don’t think their music is even on Spotify. So, the other advantage of Bandcamp, which I’ve only just thought of, is being waaay ahead of the curve. Download these tracks, then plug your iPhone in at the next party and witness your friends weep in envy as you slay the crowd with your tremendous selections. Or watch as some twat tugs the cable out after 30 seconds and sticks on Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin for the thousandth time.

Kid Cadaver

This Los Angeles three-piece have produced one of the most jaw-dropping debut EPs we’ve ever heard. It’s epic synth rock along the lines of Phoenix and Local Natives, but these guys just do it bigger and, dare I say, better? Plus they all have cool California names. Any band whose drummer is called Kenzo Cardenas immediately wins.


Bertrand Blanchard is a graphic designer from France, but when he is not making awesome posters, he is recording dark indie rap. We emailed Bertrand after we found him on Bandcamp earlier this year. He only had two songs online then. We asked if he had any more up his sleeve. He said no. And then promptly posted three more! That’s the best kind of surprise.

H Grimace

Psych-surf. Post-grunge. Yep, these are real genres. Deal with it. This trio from east London take all the best bits from the last 30 years of lo-fi culture and twist it into a new shape. A band to get really excited about and one you really should catch live asap.

On The Jukebox


We’ve been following this London production duo for a while and been impressed by their glitchy hip-hop bootlegs and remixes, but with new single On & On they’ve stepped up to a whole new level. Featuring the vocal talents of George Maple, this is a summer bumper that you could imagine Jazzy Jeff dropping at a BBQ at the PlayBoy Mansion.


Psychedelic hip hop like food dye diffusing in water, this trio from LA is bubbling to the fore in the US. We haven’t heard sounds close to Oddience since we were at hip-hop gigs wearing a Rawkus Records t-shirts and EastPaks on our backs. If the band find a plane with seats sufficiently laid back and UK bound, we’ll be the first to pouch tickets to a live show.


There are loads of bands around now who have got the grunge aesthetic nailed on but what sets Tigercub above pretty much all of them is the quality of their song-writing. The languid melody of Little Rope jams itself permanently in your brain after just 15 seconds. This Brighton three-piece have achieved what all those grunge revivalists could only dream of: writing a hit while looking like they give exactly zero fucks about it.


KHUSHI are steadily building a buzz in London with emotionally-charged, building tracks that kind of catch you by surprise. There’s a genuine ear for melody here and a layering of sounds that takes them beyond their peers with hipster pretensions. We’re pretty excited to hear what happens next.

Chester Watson

Chester Watson is 16 years old from St. Louis, Missouri and, according to the internet, Co-Founder of the Nu Age Syndicate, producer, playwright, and rapper. Groove doesn’t get close to doing it justice, this is going to be on repeat all summer.


Drenge are a band that are getting a lot of attention right now but justifiably in our opinion. We recommend listening to ‘Necromance Is Dead’ very loud.

Sale: Shutes screen prints

So, we’ve had a good year. We are happy. We’re starting to line up some exciting things for 2013. Therefore, just for Christmas, we’ve reduced these Shutes screen prints to pay-what-you-want, starting at £5 + postage. A real deal for unreal times. You get the five-track EP to download for free too. There are not many left, so hurry. And when they are gone, they gone for ever. NB: They come unframed.

Click here to buy

In related Shutes news, check out this rad fan video for She Said…

The Shutes :: She Said from Inigo Amescua on Vimeo.

Coves ATP show

This October, the legendary All Tomorrow’s Parties will be launching a new weekly gig series at the Sebright Arms, London, where they will be showcasing some of the UK’s finest new bands. We are chuffed that they’ve picked Coves as their first headliners on Monday 29 October. What’s more, Coves will be curating the evening and it will feature art installations, films, DJs and a live performance from the band. This is one definitely not to be missed.

Tickets are £4 from here
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Check out the band’s chuggy, fuggy, druggy cover of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game:

Antwerp – Permanent State EP

In November last year, we put on a gig in a church in north London and booked three bands to play who we thought would make the kind of sounds that would suit the godly surroundings. Little did we know that the fourth act we booked that night, electronic whizzkid Antwerp, would not only steal the show but make the holiest noises of the whole evening.

Even the angels were dancing.

Antwerp has a new EP out this week, stream it below, then buy it on iTunes here.

Dan Croll – From Nowhere

Hit alert! Absolutely adore this track from Dan Croll, which was introduced to us by the dudes at Amazing Radio and appears to be on the cusp of going intergalactic. Love the Grizzly Bear-style keys and guitar lines in this…

It’s out on Monday on Raquet Records, pre-order the 7″ from Piccadilly Records here

Wrongtom Meets Deemas J

Several moons ago, we could be found behind the turntables (yes, they still had them in clubs then) of a place named Gramaphone in Spitalfields where we used to run a night called Beat Poetry. One October evening about four years ago, a man by the name of Wrongtom came to play with us and taught us a thing or two about how to make people lose their shit on the dancefloor. We were fans then and are fans now. Thus we are delighted to learn that Tom has a new LP out on 24th September on Tru Thoughts. Wrongtom Meets Deemas J is a collaborative reggae record, which appears to prove that Tom has lost none of his gifts in the making-one-lose-one’s-shit department.

Here is the single, Jump + Move + Rock

You can buy the LP here.